A Parents Guide: Preparing Yourself and Your Child for College

College Move-In

When your child is accepted to a college or university it is a great accomplishment that should be recognized and celebrated. It is a big step in life where they will gain freedom, responsibility, and begin to write their own story. While this is an experience that many teenagers look forward to, it may present challenges. Before move in day arrives, read through our tips to help prepare yourself and your child for a smooth transition and a great college experience. Start Early Starting the conversation about college when your child is younger allows them to think about different options and have conversations about their future. While college is not for everyone, maybe they would like to explore a trade school and get right into the workforce after high school. If they would like to pursue college, together you can research prospective colleges, what they offer and their requirements to be accepted. By doing this you should encourage them to set short-and long-term goals, which will benefit them later in life. Having goals to work towards during their high school years will encourage academic excellence, development, and involvement in programs within the community. This will teach your child to get out of their comfort zone to continue growing, which is important to instill at a younger age. Starting early also gives the parents an idea of where their child may want to attend so they can begin planning financially. Begin to explain to them the importance of grades for a better chance at scholarships. Also, it is important to begin explaining how student loans work and the implications of borrowing money. Life Skills Your child will be bringing their books and pencils along to college, but it is important they have a variety of basic life skills as well. It can be a difficult transition for kids to have so many responsibilities dumped on them all at once. Therefore, the more you prepare them with the following skills, the easier the transition will ...

August 11th, 2023

Embracing the Journey Together: Moving In with Your Spouse and the Role of Self-Storage

New Home

The decision to move in with your spouse is an exciting milestone in a relationship. It is the start of a new chapter where you are able to merge lifestyles, goals, and daily routines. While it is a monumental point in your life and relationship, it also presents the challenge of combining two people's belongings into one space. In this article we will discuss the joys and overcoming the challenges of moving in with your spouse. The Symbolism of Moving In Together- This time represents a beautiful symbol of eachother love and commitment to eachother. Your home can be a symbol of the unity between you and where you can grow and nurture your relationship. It is important to communicate openly about your expectations, responsibilities, and aspirations for your new home. Most importantly, do not let the possible stress overtake the experience and enjoy it! Dealing with Excess Possessions- If you have been living in the same space for a long time, it can be easy to lose track of how many possessions you have. Each spouse may want to bring their belongings, furniture, and some memories that hold sentimental value from their previous homes. Self-storage is a great option if you need to find a temporary, or long-term home for those belongings you both wish to keep but do not currently need. This allows for a clutter-free environment in your new home, creating a neat and peaceful atmosphere as you settle into your new life together. Merging Different Tastes and Styles- While you are both bringing personal belongings, you also bring different tatstes and styles. There may be a difference in ideas about home decor, organization, and even daily routines. This period of blendingyour lives is an opportunity for growth and comrpomise. Before moving in together, you should assess what items you can agree on bringing for the new home so there is a plan on where to get rid of or store the excess furniture and decor. Building a Home Together- ...

July 24th, 2023

Guide to Storing Patio Furniture: Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Protected

Furniture Storage

When it comes time to store patio furniture it is important to protect it properly to expand its lifespan. When the warmer months begin to roll around, you will be excited to know that your furniture will be in great shape to enjoy the sunny weather outside. Here are some tips to follow so that your furniture stays in good shape: Clean the furniture: Like many other items, it is important to clean any dirt, debris, or stains and make sure the furniture is dry when put away for storage. For specific materials like wood, plastic, or metals, follow the instructions from the manufacturer to avoid any potential damage from the use of chemicals. Disassemble: If it is possible we suggest disassembling the furniture to make more room in the unit for other items. It is also worth noting that some furniture sets have small pieces that are easily misplaced. Therefore, it is smart to keep these parts together in labeled bags for when it is time to reassemble the furniture again. Remove cushions: If the furniture has cushions they should be removed and cleaned, then stored seperately. To avoid bacteria, the cushions should be dry before they are put away for storage. If you are storing in a shed or basement, the furniture should be stored seperately from the rest of the hardware because factors such as moisture can affect these parts differently. Cushions can be placed in plastic bags or cushion storage bags so they are not exposed to moisture. Check for damage: Inspect the furniture for any damage to be sure it is in the same condition when it is time to remove it from storage. Checking your items throughout the off season is beneficial because in case anything has happened to your belongings you can catch it before it is too late or gets any worse. This is especially true if the items are not in a climate controlled area or in a space where the furniture is ...

July 14th, 2023

The Hiking Adventures of New England


Cardinal Self Storage

New England is a paradise for scenic landscapes whether it be in the mountains or along the coast. The region is home to a vast amount of hiking trails that cater to all levels of experience. In this blog post, we will share some of the best hiking adventures New England has to offer. Mount Washington, New Hampshire- The mountain stands at 6,288 feet, making it the highest peak in the northeast of the United States and is a challenging, yet rewarding experience. The mountain offers breathe taking views of the Presidential Range and the surrounding valleys through the Tuckerman Ravine Trail. Prepare for extreme weather conditions as it is noted to have one of the world’s highest wind velocities, which makes the trip up the mountain more challenging. If you decide not to hike the mountain but still want to experience the views, the summit is also accessible by road through Pinkham Notch. Franconia Ridge Loop, New Hampshire- Located in the White Mountains and known for its panoramic views and stunning peaks, the Franconia Ridge Loop is 8.9 miles long and is expected to take a full day to complete. Along the hike you will encounter the Falling Waters Trail, Franconia Ridge, Mount Lafayette, and finish with the Greenleaf Trail. The trail begins and ends at the popular trailhead in the Franconia Notch State Park. Acadia National Park, Maine- Acadia is a hiker’s playground with diverse trails along the rugged coastal scenery. For experienced hikers, the Precipice Trail is said to be a challenging climb with ladders attached to the cliffs. If you are looking for a more laid-back experience, check out the Jordan Pond Path which is a trail that has scenic views of Jordan Pond and the surrounding mountains. Mount Mansfield, Vermont- Mount Mansfield is Vermont’s highest peak and also has trails to offer hikers of all skill levels. The Sunset Ridge Trail will bring hikers through ...

June 23rd, 2023

Seabrook Eats: Discover the Best Restaurants in the Heart of New Hampshire's Coastal Gem

Seabrook Dining

Cardinal Self Storage

Seabrook, New Hampshire is a town that bosts beautiful coastal views and has an impressive culinary scene. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, we have provided our list of the best restaurants in and around Seabrook. CRAVE: Kitchen-Wine-Tap Located in Amesbury, MA CRAVE is open for lunch and dinner with their hours operating 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM and is closed on Sunday. CRAVE is a scratch kitchen that has vegetarian and gluten free options. It is known for fresh daily seafood, hand formed burgers, and new American cuisine. For drinks they offer an international wine list and craft beer. To view their full menu, visit their site at: https://cravefoodandwine.com/amesbury-crave-food-menu Martha’s Restaurant Just minutes from Seabrook, Martha’s Restaurant is located in Hampton Falls, NH and is open 11 AM – 8 PM. Martha’s offers Lebanese dishes including a variety of kabobs, chawarma, falafel, kibbe and sides such as hummus, babaganoush, grape leaves, stuffed cabbage and more. They also have American dining options such as wraps, sides, and platters. This unique dining destination has a casual atmosphere with the option for indoor or outdoor seating. Follow this link to view their full menu: https://www.zmenu.com/marthas-restaurant-hampton-falls-online-menu/ Tuna Striker Pub Located in Seabrook Beach, NH the hours of operation are 11:30 AM- 9:00 PM except on Sundays which is 11:30 AM- 8:00 PM. The Tuna Striker Pub is a popular spot for locals with seafood taking the center stage of the menu from crispy fish and chips to swordfish, it is sure to satisfy your seafood craving. The pub also offers steaks, chicken breasts, and sandwiches if you are looking for something other than seafood. View their full menu at: https://tunastrikerpub.com/menu-spring/ Kume Steakhouse Kume Steakhouse in Seabrook, NH is a Japanese steakhouse with a large menu and nice ambience inside. The steakhouse offers a wide variety of options for hibachi, sushi, soups, salads, and alcoholic beverages. This top-notch steakhouse is located right off of exit 1 in Seabrook, ...

June 15th, 2023

The Art of Seasonal Storage

Seasonal Storage

With the seasons changing and the weather getting warmer, the need for snowblowers, winter coats, and holiday decorations is in the rear view. Although it is exciting to break out the beach gear and swimsuits, managing out of season items can quickly become overwhelming. Seasonal storage is a great solution so you can enjoy an organized space for the months of summer. Here are a few tips for to effectively store belongings for the season ahead. Assess Seasonal Items: Before you begin throwing cluttered items into storage bins for the summer, start with separating them by category such as what season they are used in. This will allow you to easily keep track of what needs to be stored and when. Label Bins and Boxes: Although it may not cross your mind when packing, over time it may be difficult to remember what items are in each container. By labeling storage containers with a category and its context, it allows for an easier checking process what is in the container without having to pull it out from the bottom of a pile or search through it. Choose the Right Storage Solution: This is crucial to ensure that seasonal items are kept safe and easily accessible. One thing to consider in a storage facility is climate-controlled units. During harsh winters or hot summers, extreme temperatures can damage certain items. If this is something that concerns you, then interior storage facilities with climate controlled units is a great solution. Other things to consider are security, hours of operation and the unit sizes they offer. Have a System: It is beneficial to approach a unit with a gameplan of where specific items will go. A good strategy is to group items by season and labeling shelves. Also, keeping frequently accessed items closer to the front of the unit will make them easier to access. Rotate Seasonal Items: As each season changes, it is beneficial to rotate items in the storage unit. Retrieve the ...

June 5th, 2023

Visit Seabrook New Hampshire: Explore NH Summer Activities

New Hampshire Activities

Hampton Beach

Whether you’re looking for a day trip or a weekend getaway, Seabrook NH, and the areas around it have many great destinations. The town is located along the coast of New Hampshire and has a variety of activities for visitors of all ages. Whether you are looking for an outdoor activity or to stay inside, there is sure to be something for you. Here is a list of 5 things to do around the area. Hike the Amesbury Town Forest (Amesbury MA)- With just a short drive from Seabrook, the Amesbury Town Forest offers a variety of hiking trails for all skill levels. The hike is sure to provide scenic views along with the different trail options to meet your hiking needs. There is also the possibility of seeing wildlife along the trip as the forest is home to a variety of animals including deer, foxes, and birds. Hampton Beach State Park (Hampton NH)- A great destination for all ages. The long stretch of beach offers a boardwalk and a wide variety of food options including seafood, pubs, cafes, and American restaurants. Other activities include swimming, fishing, picnicking, camping, mini golf. For adults, be sure to check the Hampton Beach calendar for the summer as they have popular bands and comedians performing at the casino located on the boardwalk. This is sure to be a great destination for groups of all ages! Whale Watching- Nearby towns such as Hampton, Rye, Newburyport, and Portsmouth offer the opportunity to observe whales and other marine life in their natural habitat while taking a relaxing cruise along the beautiful coast. Smutty Nose Brewing Company- Located in Hampton, New Hampshire, Smuttynose Brewing Co. is New Hampshire’s original craft brewery. Visit one of New England’s pioneering craft beer companies as it offers a tasting bar, restaurant, live entertainment, outdoor patio, firepits, and you can even book your own event at their location. Smuttynose offers a diverse selection of beers, catering to various tastes and preferences. View their website ...

June 1st, 2023

Preserving Your Valuables: A Guide to Long-Term Storage

Long Term Storage

Whether you are moving, spring cleaning, or simply looking to minimalize your space, long-term storage can be a great option to safely preserve items you are not ready to let go of yet. However, to ensure that your valuables remain in pristine condition, it is necessary to practice proper preservation techniques. Clean and Prepare: Before storing your items, clean them from dust, dirt, or debris. This ensure your items will not be subject to staining or deterioration. Appropriate Packaging: Choosing the right packaging materials is essential when storing items for a long period of time. The following tips will help keep your items protected while being stored. A) Boxes: If possible, choose high-quality boxes that are appropriate for the items you intend to store. Avoid cardboard boxes that have been damaged or worn out. B) Bubble Wrap and Packing Paper: To keep items such as glassware and electronics safe in the storage unit it is crucial to use bubble wrap or packaging paper. Wrap the valuable item in either of these to create a cushion, protecting it from possible damage. C) Acid-Free Tissue Paper: When storing clothing, photographs, or artwork, place acid-free tissue paper between each item to prevent color transfer or deterioration. Climate Control: When deciding on a storage unit, consider the effects that extreme temperatures can cause on your stored items. High temperatures and moisture can cause stored possessions to warp, crack, rust, or even melt some materials. To combat this, consider renting a climate-controlled unit. These units offer controlled temperatures which is suitable to keep all types of items in good condition for long and short-term storing. Items that are highly susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures include artwork, electronics, and wooden furniture. Labeling and Organizing: Approaching your unit with an organizational plan can save you valuable time and effort when retrieving a stored item. Lableing boxes and containers with its contents is beneficial for keeping track of stored items. ...

May 25th, 2023