The Art of Seasonal Storage

Seasonal Storage

June 5th, 2023

With the seasons changing and the weather getting warmer, the need for snowblowers, winter coats, and holiday decorations is in the rear view. Although it is exciting to break out the beach gear and swimsuits, managing out of season items can quickly become overwhelming. Seasonal storage is a great solution so you can enjoy an organized space for the months of summer. Here are a few tips for to effectively store belongings for the season ahead.
  1. Assess Seasonal Items: Before you begin throwing cluttered items into storage bins for the summer, start with separating them by category such as what season they are used in. This will allow you to easily keep track of what needs to be stored and when.
  2. Label Bins and Boxes: Although it may not cross your mind when packing, over time it may be difficult to remember what items are in each container. By labeling storage containers with a category and its context, it allows for an easier checking process what is in the container without having to pull it out from the bottom of a pile or search through it.
  3. Choose the Right Storage Solution: This is crucial to ensure that seasonal items are kept safe and easily accessible. One thing to consider in a storage facility is climate-controlled units. During harsh winters or hot summers, extreme temperatures can damage certain items. If this is something that concerns you, then interior storage facilities with climate controlled units is a great solution. Other things to consider are security, hours of operation and the unit sizes they offer.
  4. Have a System: It is beneficial to approach a unit with a gameplan of where specific items will go. A good strategy is to group items by season and labeling shelves. Also, keeping frequently accessed items closer to the front of the unit will make them easier to access.
  5. Rotate Seasonal Items: As each season changes, it is beneficial to rotate items in the storage unit. Retrieve the items needed for the upcoming season and store away the ones that will not be needed. If you have multiple seasons of belongings, keep the items you most recently put away towards the back as you will likely not need to access them for an extensive period. This practice not only keeps your home clutter-free but also ensures you have the necessary items readily available when it comes time.