Guide to Storing Patio Furniture: Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Protected

Furniture Storage

July 14th, 2023

When it comes time to store patio furniture it is important to protect it properly to expand its lifespan. When the warmer months begin to roll around, you will be excited to know that your furniture will be in great shape to enjoy the sunny weather outside. Here are some tips to follow so that your furniture stays in good shape:
  1. Clean the furniture: Like many other items, it is important to clean any dirt, debris, or stains and make sure the furniture is dry when put away for storage. For specific materials like wood, plastic, or metals, follow the instructions from the manufacturer to avoid any potential damage from the use of chemicals.
  2. Disassemble: If it is possible we suggest disassembling the furniture to make more room in the unit for other items. It is also worth noting that some furniture sets have small pieces that are easily misplaced. Therefore, it is smart to keep these parts together in labeled bags for when it is time to reassemble the furniture again.
  3. Remove cushions: If the furniture has cushions they should be removed and cleaned, then stored seperately. To avoid bacteria, the cushions should be dry before they are put away for storage. If you are storing in a shed or basement, the furniture should be stored seperately from the rest of the hardware because factors such as moisture can affect these parts differently. Cushions can be placed in plastic bags or cushion storage bags so they are not exposed to moisture.
  4. Check for damage: Inspect the furniture for any damage to be sure it is in the same condition when it is time to remove it from storage. Checking your items throughout the off season is beneficial because in case anything has happened to your belongings you can catch it before it is too late or gets any worse. This is especially true if the items are not in a climate controlled area or in a space where the furniture is at risk of falling.
  5. Choose appropriate storage: When looking for a storage facility it is important that the unit is the correct size, dry, and well ventilated. That being said storage facilities that have climate controlled units are a great option.